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Sony Camera Information

FCB-EW9500H|FCB-EV9500M|FCB-EV9500L Excellent autofocus

1. What is autofocus?

In the shooting process of the camera, when the camera is aimed at the subject, the camera itself automatically converges the focus, without the cameraman manually adjusting it, which is the role of the camera automatic focusing (AF).

2. Four working modes of automatic focus

The automatic focusing device has four working modes: infrared or ultrasonic. After the object returns, it is received by the infrared sensor or ultrasonic sensor of the camera, the distance is measured, and then the focusing device of the camera is driven to focus according to the measured distance.

The other two ways are to measure the distance between the camera and the subject by using a rangefinder based on the principle of triangle measurement, and then input the measured distance into the microprocessor in the camera for calculation, and control the focusing motor of the lens to focus on the real focus according to the calculated distance.


FCB-EW9500H|FCB-EV9500M|FCB-EV9500L Excellent autofocus - Sony Camera Information - 1

Auto focus

SONY auto-focus camera FCB-EW9500H | FCB-EV9500M | FCB-EV9500L autofocus for normal automatic focusing, interval automatic focusing, normal sensitivity, low sensitivity zoom trigger autofocus and other options, can meet the diverse needs of different industries all kinds of environment.

Each focusing mode has its own unique advantages and high measurement accuracy for different types of cameras. However, there are some limitations with autofocus machines. For example, when the effective detection Angle of the camera autofocus device is only 6 degrees, if the zoom lens is placed in the wide Angle segment, the range of about 16*1/6 in the center of the screen is the detection range of the autofocus. In other words, the focus of objects in this range can be automatically condensed. If the zoom lens is placed in the telephoto area, most of the picture is within the autofocus detection range. Different cameras have different effective detection angles.

3. Working principle of automatic focus

When using the auto focus machine, when the subject moves out of the auto focus detection range, the auto focus device will automatically change the focal length and align the object in the background of the original picture within the detection range. For example, when the camera shoots a person moving to the right in the middle of the frame, the camera focuses on the person as the primary detection target. When the person leaves the picture, the automatic focus device will change the automatic control focus from the person to the object with a background, that is, the definition range of the picture changes.

In camera practice, when the near and far objects in the picture are within the detection range; When the picture contrast is not obvious; When there are very thin objects in the picture that are equally distant; When the lighting of the shooting environment does not meet the minimum illumination requirements of the camera, the auto focus machine will often make the wrong judgment. Therefore, in these cases, it is best not to use the autofocus function, but to focus manually.

SONY FCB-EW9500H | FCB-EV9500M | FCB-EV9500L using 1/1.8 of an inch STARVISTM CMOS Sensor, has the star night vision function, under the ICR – On mode, minimum illumination can reach 0.00008 lx, So in the case of very low light, the FCB-9500 series camera can still use the autofocus function, which is a very good performance. Of course, SONY this series camera also has a manual focus function, can be divided into standard, variable, direct and other three choices, users can use suitable functions according to different needs and environment.

FCB-EW9500H|FCB-EV9500M|FCB-EV9500L Excellent autofocus - Sony Camera Information - 2


4. the speed of automatic focus

There is another standard to measure the quality of automatic focus, that is, the imaging speed of automatic focus, especially in security monitoring, UAV and other industries, objects or cameras are likely to appear or move quickly, this time is to consider the imaging speed of automatic focus of the camera. SONY FCB-EW9500H | FCB-EV9500M | FCB-EV9500L is industrial camera imaging speed is faster in the industry, in the case of fast objects appear or mobile, can capture high-resolution images.





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