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Comparison and selection of SDI camera and IP network camera

With the popularization of high-definition video, people have higher and higher requirements for video shooting, not only household digital products, but also professional fields such as security video surveillance and UAV. In the past, we all know the video security surveillance commonly used IP network camera and SDI camera than what are the same, what are the differences? The following Shenzhen Xuan Zhan technology for you to briefly introduce some, hope to help you understand one or two.


From the perspective of output video resolution, SDI camera and IP network camera can output 720P and 1080P HD video, while cameras with sdi interface can play a key role in the future upgrade of 4K ultra HD video, so HD-SDI camera will have better scalability.


From the communication interface, the difference between the two is obvious. HD-SDI camera uses SDI interface and RS-485/232, LAN; IP network cameras use adaptive Ethernet ports, RS-485/232 and WIFI. From this point, we can also see that there will be a certain difference in the application fields of the two.


Comparison and selection of SDI camera and IP network camera - Sony Camera Information - 1

Comparison and selection of SDI camera and IP network camera


For the pursuit of image quality and short screen delay, SDI camera may be more suitable for you, we all know that IP network camera in the process of transmitting video signals is to compress video and transmission will have a certain delay, and HD-SDI camera will not.


Video signal transmission, SDI camera also has advantages, both transmission distance and transmission rate are higher than IP network camera, which in some professional high requirements of the application field than IP network camera can be better applicable.


And for IP network camera, now in the field of security monitoring to go to the relatively low project still has the best cost performance, so, according to your industry application needs to choose what camera is the best, if you do not understand the place can contact us at any time through the website contact information!






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