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The difference between CCD camera and CMOS camera

The camera looks small and very simple. In fact, there will be many parts in the camera, and the structure of these parts is also very complex. Some people like photography, and they want to have a detailed understanding of the structure, configuration and parts of the camera, so that they can master it and use it more flexibly after knowing the components of the camera. Take great pictures.


What does camera ccd mean

Camera CCD refers to the “charge coupled device”, is a kind of image sensor that converts optical signals into electrical signals. In addition, the image sensor commonly used in cameras is CMOS, that is, complementary metal oxide semiconductor.


CCD can be divided into linear CCD and planar CCD according to different structures. Array CCD is divided into full frame type, frame transfer type, line transfer type, TDI type, and so on. The effect is photoelectric conversion, imaging device is used to image. The optical signal is converted into an electrical signal, which is then processed by the back-end circuit.


The difference between CCD camera and CMOS camera - Sony Camera Information - 1


The difference between CCD camera and CMOS camera

1. Imaging process

CCD and CMOS image sensor photoelectric conversion principle is the same, their main difference lies in the signal readout process is different; Because CCD has only one (or a few) output nodes unified readout, its signal output consistency is very good; However, in CMOS chip, each pixel has its own signal amplifier, which carries out charge-voltage conversion respectively, so the consistency of its signal output is poor. However, in order to read out the whole image signal, CCD requires the signal bandwidth of the output amplifier to be wide, while in CMOS chip, the bandwidth of the amplifier in each pixel is low, which greatly reduces the power consumption of the chip. This is the main reason why the power consumption of CMOS chip is lower than that of CCD. Despite the reduced power consumption, the inconsistency of millions of amplifiers leads to higher fixed noise, which is the inherent disadvantage of CMOS over CCD.


2. Integration

From the perspective of manufacturing process, the circuits and devices in CCD are integrated on the semiconductor single crystal material, and the process is complex. Only a few manufacturers in the world can produce CCD chips, such as DALSA, SONY, Panasonic and so on. CCD can only output analog electrical signals, which need subsequent address decoder, analog converter, image signal processor processing, and also need to provide three groups of different voltage power synchronization clock control circuits, integration is very low. CMOS, on the other hand, is built on individual pieces of material called metal oxides, the same process used to make tens of thousands of semiconductor integrated circuits such as computer chips and memory devices, making it much cheaper to produce than CCDS. At the same time, CMOS chip can image signal amplifier, signal reading circuit, A/D conversion circuit, image signal processor and controller integrated into a chip, only a chip can realize all the basic functions of the camera, high integration, chip level camera concept is generated from this. With the continuous development of CMOS imaging technology, more and more companies can provide high-quality CMOS imaging chips, including Micron, CMOSIS, Cypress, etc.


3. Speed

CCD adopts one by one photosensitive output, can only be output according to the prescribed program, the speed is slow. CMOS has multiple charge-voltage converters and row switch control, readout speed is much faster, most of the 500fps above the high-speed camera is CMOS camera. In addition, CMOS address gating switch can be randomly sampled to achieve sub-window output, and higher speed can be obtained when only sub-window image is output.


4. Noise

CCD technology is developed earlier and more mature. PN junction or silicon dioxide (SiO2) isolation layer is used to isolate noise, and the imaging quality has certain advantages over CMOS photoelectric sensor.

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The difference between CCD camera and CMOS camera - Sony Camera Information - 2

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