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What are the requirements for ship surveillance cameras? SONY FCB-EW9500H Marine ship special camera

Different from land, the sea has a more complex environment, so what are the different requirements for Marine ship surveillance cameras? Can the camera movement SONY FCB-EW9500H for Marine ships meet the required conditions?


What are the requirements for ship surveillance cameras? SONY FCB-EW9500H Marine ship special camera - Sony Camera Information - 1

1. Megapixels

The sea level is wide and endless. For the ship surveillance camera, of course, it can see as far as possible, which must be above million pixels. SONY FBB-EW9500H uses 1/1.8 inch STARVIS CMOS Sensor sensor, and can achieve 30x enhanced optical zoom. The effective pixel reaches 4.17 million pixels and supports HDMI output, which can fully meet the strict requirements of Marine ship cameras.

2. ultra-low illumination

SONY FCB-EW9500H can reach 0.00008lx in ICR-On mode (Shutter Speed: 1/30 s), a starlight camera, can output more realistic color images even in weak low light environment, enough to cope with the harsh environment of low light often seen in the ocean plane.

3. super anti-shake

For the ship, cruising in the vast sea all the year round, turbulence, jitter is indispensable, so the ship surveillance camera must have anti-shake function to output stable and clear picture, SONY integrated camera movement from the very early series has anti-shake function, but SONY did not stop research and development, for more and more powerful performance efforts, The FCB-9500 series camera movement is specially designed for the industry with more turbulence and jitter.

SONY FCB-EW9500H provides a wide correction area, which enables this series of cameras to reduce image jitter blur more effectively than traditional models in severe jitter and twist environments. There are two anti-jitter modes to choose from according to the corresponding jitter degree.

Super (super)

A larger correction area than traditional electronic stabilization is used to suppress and reduce strong jitter

Super+ (Super+)

By using a larger correction area than “Super” mode, “Super+” mode can suppress and reduce more intense jitter that “Super” mode cannot handle.

Application: ship, ITS intelligent transportation, bridge, UAV, vehicle and other applications.

4. through fog

SONY FCB-EW9500H has fog penetration function, fog penetration mode can reduce the impact of fog, so that the shooting target in the image display more clearly. With 4 different gears: off, low, medium, high. The effect of each gear will be automatically adjusted according to the concentration of fog. Fog penetration is also one of the indispensable functions of ship surveillance cameras to cope with the fog or low contrast situation that often occurs at sea level.


What are the requirements for ship surveillance cameras? SONY FCB-EW9500H Marine ship special camera - Sony Camera Information - 2


5. automatic day and night switch

Ship monitoring should be able to provide clear monitoring pictures day and night in different environments. When the lighting conditions change frequently, the camera should also have high picture quality. Automatic day-night conversion is essential. In low-light environments, the camera component automatically switches from day mode to night mode, removing the infrared filter and improving sensitivity so that it can capture clear images at night.

SONY FCB-EW9500H automatic day-night conversion function works in Full Auto automatic exposure mode. When Auto ICR color mode is set, ICRon(night sensing infrared) is in color mode, even at night, it can output color pictures.

It is not too much to say that the SONY FCB-EW9500H is a camera movement tailored for Marine ships. Its excellent functional features will surely contribute to the shipbuilding industry.





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