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What is the optical zoom of a SONY autofocus camera?

In fact, not only SONY autofocus cameras have optical magnification, the vast majority of cameras have, so what is optical magnification? How is it different from digital zoom? Today, Shenzhen Xuan Exhibition technology will discuss with you.

Optical zoom is generated by changing the position of the lens, the object and the focus. When the image plane moves in the horizontal direction, the Angle of view and focal length will change, and the further scene will become clearer, which makes people feel like the feeling of object progression. It zooms in the same way as a 35mm camera, by moving the lens of the camera to zoom in and out of the scene. The larger the optical zoom, the further away the scene can be photographed. Most of today’s digital cameras have optical zoom between 2x and 5x, with some having 10x optical zoom effects. Digital zoom is actually the electronic magnification of the picture, the original CCD image sensor on part of the pixels using “interpolation” processing means to enlarge, the CCD sensor pixels using interpolation algorithm to enlarge the picture to the whole picture. However, through this zoom method, the scene is enlarged, but its clarity will be reduced to a certain extent, which is a bit like the touch screen on some cameras to enlarge the local function, so it seems that digital zoom is not very practical significance.

In SONY autofocus camera, the optical zoom multiple has 10 times, 20 times, 30 times three, three presented the effect is also different, for example, FCB-EV7100 uses 10 times optical zoom lens, FCB-ER8530 uses 20 times optical zoom lens, FCB-EV7520,FCB-EW9500H and FCB-EV9520L are all 30x optical zoom lenses. If it is used for aerial UAV, it needs to be accurate. A suitable magnification of 20 times is enough, in fact, 10 times or 30 times is also OK. Optical zoom is an important part of the movement, high quality video captured by it, it is an indispensable part of the camera.


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