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Hd stable transmission, 3G-SDI mini interface board video conversion solution

3G-SDI Mini interface board, is designed for SONY FCB HD camera independent research and development, and has obtained a utility model patent, is an important component to achieve high-definition video transmission, the control board by encoding video signals into digital signals, and through the mini MCX RF interface transmission, to achieve stable transmission and high-quality display of high-definition video.


Hd stable transmission, 3G-SDI mini interface board video conversion solution - Sony Camera Information - 1

3G-SDI Mini interface board


Stable transmission with low latency

Stable transmission is one of the important characteristics of 3G-SDI interface board. Stable video transmission is achieved through key technologies such as high-quality signal processing, powerful error correction capabilities, reliable clock synchronization and high-quality electromagnetic compatibility. It can maintain the stability and reliability of the signal in high-definition video transmission, ensuring the high quality and clarity of the video signal. Whether in broadcast television, monitoring systems or other applications, the stable transmission characteristics of 3G-SDI interface boards can provide excellent transmission results.

3G-SDI interface board can realize low delay video transmission, ensure the synchronization of image and sound, and greatly reduce the delay in the transmission process. In many applications, such as broadcast TV, live streaming, real-time video conferencing, latency is a key metric. 3G-SDI interface board can realize real-time transmission of video signals by reducing transmission delay, ensuring that users can get the latest information and scene changes in time.

The low delay also improves the accuracy and stability of the video signal. The 3G-SDI interface board can ensure the clarity and stability of the video signal by reducing the delay, so that the video signal of the camera has a very good transmission effect. At the same time, stable transmission can also reduce latency.


Plug and play, flexible control

3G-SDI interface board, connected to SONY HD camera through LVDS cable, plug and play, without any Settings to the camera, you can output 3G-SDI signal.

3G-SDI interface board with flexible control and management functions. Users can set and control parameters through a simple operation interface to meet different application requirements. Support 485 control, and external buttons to achieve zoom, focus, gain, white balance and other functions. At the same time, 3G-SDI interface board also supports remote management and monitoring, so that users can monitor and adjust video transmission anytime and anywhere.

Hd stable transmission, 3G-SDI mini interface board video conversion solution - Sony Camera Information - 2

SONY FCB-EV7520 connects to the 3G-SDI mini interface board


Application field

Due to the advantages of stable transmission and low delay of 3G-SDI interface board, 3G-SDI interface board has great importance and broad application prospects in various application scenarios, and is widely used in radio, television production, live broadcasting, UAV, video conferencing, medical equipment, image detection and other fields. Its stable transmission and low delay performance can meet the needs of real-time video transmission and provide high-quality video signal transmission and display.


Hd stable transmission, 3G-SDI mini interface board video conversion solution - Sony Camera Information - 3

3G-SDI mini interface board application field


In addition, 3G-SDI interface board has good compatibility and can also be used with other brands of cameras that support the SONY VISCA protocol.

3G-SDI interface board adopts the advanced technology to realize high-definition video transmission, and has the advantages of high-definition transmission, low latency and stable and reliable performance. In different application scenarios, 3G-SDI interface board provides users with a better video transmission solution.





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