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What are the components of electronic colposcope

The electronic colposcope can directly display the specific lesion site on the display in the form of enlarged images, and is equipped with a standard atlas reference system, so as to make the correct diagnosis of the disease, which is conducive to choosing the best treatment plan. Electronic colposcope is widely used in the diagnosis and general survey of gynecological diseases in hospitals and family planning service stations at all levels.


What are the components of electronic colposcope - Sony Camera Information - 1

Electronic colposcopic lens


The electronic colposcope is composed of: auto focus camera, LED cold light source, support, mobile truck, computer, liquid crystal display, colposcope professional software. The image is captured by the zoom camera, stored in the camera SD card, the image is displayed on the computer screen by the video capture card, and the image processing software is used to analyze and process the image.


Auto focus camera can use HD or 4K ultra HD integrated camera, auto focus system, 30 times or 20 times optical zoom, with manual focal length adjustment, super close camera, 0.1 meters away can get clear imaging, should have image spot subtraction technology, more clearly show the subcutaneous blood vessel shape, easier to identify extremely small details, The vascular observation of cervix and vulva has special effect.


The electronic colposcope mobile bracket is used to fix the autofocus camera, adjust the camera height and shooting distance, and the camera working distance is 30cm-50cm; Within 30 minutes of the camera working, the temperature rise of the irradiated part at the working distance is less than 10 ° C, the LED cold light source auxiliary camera is more clear to shoot the object, the color reproduction is higher, and the doctor clearly displays the image of the examination part on the computer monitor through the computer in real time. The observed images are collected, frozen, analyzed, processed, stored and printed.


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