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Integrated camera advantages and applications

Integrated camera refers to a camera that can focus automatically and has a built-in lens. Compared with the traditional camera, the integrated camera has the advantages of compact size, beautiful appearance, easy installation and use, wide monitoring range and high cost performance. It is more convenient, and its power supply, video, and control signal have direct sockets, unlike the troublesome connection of traditional cameras. Compared with traditional cameras, the quality of the all-in-one camera can be better controlled. At the same time, the integrated camera monitoring range is wide and cost-effective. The traditional camera positioning system is not flexible enough and requires manual focus, while the biggest advantage of the integrated camera is that it has an automatic focus function. It keeps the picture clear at all times.


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Integrated cameras now refer specifically to cameras with integrated optical zoom and autofocus lenses built in. The first is the autofocus function, which makes the image very clear and enables fast and accurate real-time monitoring. Especially in the highway monitoring, due to the high speed of the vehicle, it is easy to appear the monitoring image blur, tailing and other phenomena, high-quality integrated camera can automatically focus the vehicle image, and can achieve a good focusing effect, providing the ideal monitoring image for road monitoring and traffic management. Compared with the gun, the precision and technology of the integrated movement are much higher, the high-definition network integration camera has higher clarity and a wider monitoring range, and there is no need to choose another high-definition lens.


Good waterproof function is also one of the features of the integrated camera, the integrated camera outdoor type has a waterproof function, and the traditional camera needs to be used with the head and the protective cover to achieve the waterproof function. There are more diving integrated cameras specially developed for underwater operations, such as the underwater camera applied in the Olympic stadium swimming pool, the integrated camera has a wider monitoring range, especially suitable for all kinds of large-scale monitoring places. For high temperature, rain and snow and other harsh outdoor environment, through the configuration of good explosion-proof, waterproof and other functions, can solve the user’s outdoor monitoring worries.


With the further improvement of the focus requirements of the security market, the integrated camera with accurate automatic focus function is more and more popular among users, and the integrated camera is mostly used in government projects, high-end high-rise buildings, and shopping malls, schools, hotels, hotel lobbies, etc. In addition, there are specially suitable for hospital operating rooms and other places with high environmental requirements, dust-proof type and low-temperature, non-spark motor explosion-proof products.





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