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Why is SONY ILX-LR1 so popular?

In less than one month after its launch, the sales volume of SONY ILX-LR1 reached 3.55 times that of the same series of products, breaking the first-month sales record of Xuanzhan Technology’s SONY products and attracting great attention from drones and related industries. Why is it so popular? Is it because of its high-performance configuration? Or is it because of its high integration with drone operations ? Or is it because of its brand influence? Today we will unveil the mystery of ILX-LR1’s popularity.




High-performance configuration, lightweight and compact body

SONY ILX-LR1 features a lightweight design and compact body size. It is equipped with a full-frame image sensor with 61 mega effective pixels, which can achieve high-resolution image shooting. It is widely used in drone-vehicle for electric power patrol inspection and also other applications such as surveying, mapping, and three-dimensional modeling.


The design of ILX-LR1 is very compact and lightweight, measuring approximately 100mm* 74mm  *42.5mm , and weighing only 243 grams (not including monitor, viewfinder and battery), meeting the needs of the industrial field. The camera has excellent image capture capabilities and supports analog control signal triggering and remote shooting of about 3 frames per second. It can quickly complete ground image collection tasks even at high altitudes. In addition, ILX-LR1 is compatible with more than 70 E-mount lenses, allowing users to choose the appropriate lens according to project needs.


Perfectly matching drone application

“Full-frame”, “compact” and “remote” are the most popular keywords in the drone application market . The high pixels, lightweight and remote control brought by them will change the choice of existing image collection equipment . By combining its technical advantages in the imaging field with Sony Camera Remote SDK, Sony has created a newly multi-functional generation for imaging expansion to support system applications in drones and other industries .


The 61-mega pixel ILX-LR1 is far superior to previous camera equipment in terms of image quality. It may take more than 3 photos to obtain detailed information after taking a photo and enlarging it. At the same time, in terms of remote and refined control of the device, the ILX-LR1’s work efficiency is also better than before. It used to take close to 2 seconds to take a photo, but it only takes about 1 second for the ILX-LR1 to take 3 photos. The flight speed and inspection efficiency of drones are greatly improved.


It is very important to ensure the effectiveness of shooting materials when working at heights. Autofocus plays a very important role in real-time remote shooting. The focus function of ILX-LR1 can be accurate to 0.1 meter, which is a significant improvement in picture quality compared to the previous half meter to 1 meter. While achieving full frame, the weight of the camera has not increased significantly.


High integration and compatible with existing drone gimbals

The Sony ILX-LR1 has M3 screw holes on all six sides and can be mounted on drones, industrial equipment, robots or submersibles at different locations. In addition, it also has 1/4-20 UNC screw holes on the bottom, and also USB Type-C and Micro HDMI interfaces on the back to facilitate user installation and integration.

ILX-LR1 is specially designed for industrial applications and system integration. Without customized mold design in advance, it has been perfectly adapted to the gimbals and pods of many UAV manufacturers, greatly saving development time and cost.




SONY ILX-LR1 is popular not only because of its leading advantages in high-performance configuration , brand influence and market performance, but also because of its product quality and reliability, product differentiation, integration and professionalism. The comprehensive performance has been recognized by users and highly praised by the UAV industry . In the future, as the drone application market continues to expand, SONY ILX-LR1 is expected to continue to achieve greater breakthroughs and development in drones and other fields.





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