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Wish everyone has a wonderful beginning in 2024

Wish everyone has a wonderful beginning in 2024 - Company News - 1


Full of energy during the Spring Festival holiday, set sail for the new year.

Today is February 18, 2024 [the ninth day of the first lunar month], we resume to work today !

New year, new starting and new journey!

I wish everyone a good start in the Year of the Dragon.

May everyone’s wishes come true.


In the new year, we will remain true to our original aspirations, forge ahead, and work together to create greater glory.

2024, good luck in getting started, the dragon is moving and
the new year is beginning.


Everything is a new beginning.

Everyone in Xuanzhan Technology are well prepared for new goal.

Go to their respective posts,

Sound the clarion call for New Year’s progress,

Have a goal in mind,

Goals have direction,

The direction is guided.

We will bring you better products and services with a new attitude and full enthusiasm.

All employees of Xuanzhan Technology wish you all a happy new year;

Your career will take off, your wealth will be rolling in, and everything will go well!





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