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SONY FCB-EV7100 with 3G-SDI interface board, Digital electronic vaginoscope Solution (II)

Digital electronic vaginoscope is the fourth generation of high-tech digital imaging system integrating modern digital electronic technology and computer technology.


Through the high-definition camera to enlarge the examination site, the computer real-time clear image of the examination site displayed on the computer monitor, its high quality light source and high magnification of the clear image can identify very small lesions. The doctor can observe the lesion on the computer monitor, which is easy to operate and can be used for both diagnosis and treatment.


What practical solutions will Xuanzhan Technology, as the official authorized agent of SONY, and 15 years (by March 2023) of video product secondary development experience, bring to the Digital electronic vaginoscope Solution industry? I hope you can find the ideal Digital electronic vaginoscope solution here.


Digital electronic vaginoscope solution (II) : SONY FCB-EV7100+3G-SDI interface board

1. Main components

(1) SONY FCB-EV7100 or FCB-CV7100

(2) 3G-SDI interface interface board

(3) LVDS line

(4) SDI HD video acquisition card

(5) Computer (PCI/E slot)

(6) RF line

SONY FCB-EV7100 with 3G-SDI interface board, Digital electronic vaginoscope Solution (II) - Company News - 1

SONY FCB-EV7100 with 3G-SDI interface board

2. Plan implementation

SONY FCB-EV7100 autofocus camera, using 1/2.8 TYPE Exmor R CMOS sensor and unique ISP, equipped with 10x optical zoom lens, 1080p/60fps full HD output, new fog removal function and wide dynamic can greatly improve the picture clarity, at the same time, Image stabilization, high bright spot suppression and low light to achieve clear images, can also effectively improve the picture quality, FCB-EV7100 small size and light weight, is an ideal camera movement for electronic colposcope solutions.


FCB-EV7100 automatic focus camera movement, through LVDS line, connect the 3G-SDI interface board independently developed by Xuanzhantechnology, and then connect the 3G-SDI interface board and computer through RF line (RF line can be made into a composite line, hidden in the tube, beautiful and clean), can automatically identify the movement HD video format, The images captured by the FCB-EV7100 camera are immediately displayed on the computer screen, supporting 720P, 1080I, 1080P frame rates.


Digital electronic vaginoscope solution: FCB-EV7100+3G-SDI interface board

After FCB-EV7100 is connected to 3G-SDI interface board, it can realize zoom, focus, gain, white balance and other functions through external keys or RS-485 and other control devices.

External button remote control can be developed into wired or wireless according to user needs, the number of buttons is not limited, can control the FCB-EV7100 camera zoom in and out of a variety of functions, in addition, can also be connected to the external foot switch, mainly to achieve the camera freezing and photographing functions.


For the secondary development of video products, Xuanzhan Technology has rich practical experience, and can assist you to formulate the electronic colposcope solution you want. If you think it is not perfect enough, you can first read the following two solutions before making a decision.


SONY FCB-EV7520 with USB3.0 interface board, Digital electronic vaginoscope solution (1)

SONY FCB-ER8530 with HDMI 4K interface board, Digital electronic vaginoscope solution (III)

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