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SONY FCB-EV9500M,can not meet the strict requirements of industrial robot camera?

Industrial robot camera is not like ordinary camera can output high-definition picture, its requirements are relatively strict, industrial robot camera requirements can be used in a complex environment, and has higher image stability, high transmission capacity, high anti-interference ability and long continuous working time and other performance, Can SONY FCB-EV9500M meet the strict requirements of industrial robot cameras? Below we first analyze the specific requirements of industrial robot cameras.


SONY FCB-EV9500M,can not meet the strict requirements of industrial robot camera? - Sony Camera Information - 1

Industrial robot

1. Image stability

For industrial robots, in many cases, either the robot is running, or the detected product is running. In this process, jitter or even intense jitter is inevitable. In this case, we can only put our hope in the camera of industrial robots, requiring that the camera must have a higher image image stabilization function. In order to better help industrial robots to complete the detection task on demand.

2. Aperture

Industrial robot camera is divided into manual aperture lens and automatic aperture lens according to the aperture, the selection is mainly based on whether the ambient light is stable, the environment is stable generally choose manual aperture, a debugging OK, otherwise choose automatic aperture lens, so as to realize the automatic adjustment of picture brightness.

3. Focal length

When the focal length can be fixed, the prime lens is selected. When the prime lens shoots the object, the image on the monitor screen is also very clear. With the development of technology, zoom lens has advantages, SONY FCB-EV9500M is a zoom camera, with fast automatic zoom, no matter in any occasion can output stable, high definition picture, make up for the prime lens can not take into account the situation.

4. Chip

Industrial camera from the chip points, there are CCD and CMOS two. If the object is required to be photographed in motion, the object to be processed is also a real-time motion object, then of course the choice of CCD chip camera is appropriate. However, the production of CCD chip has been stopped at this stage, and all the new production cameras use CMOS, and CMOS chip is divided into two kinds of shutter shutter and global shutter. In the industrial camera industry, most of them use global shutter, which is also called global exposure. There will be no trailing phenomenon and no jelly effect in the shooting of fast moving objects.

5. Signal type

There are two kinds of signal types of industrial robot camera: analog signal and digital signal. Analog camera must have image acquisition card, standard analog camera resolution is very low, the acquisition is analog signal, digital acquisition card into digital signal for transmission and storage. Industrial digital cameras collect digital signals, digital signals are not affected by electrical noise, therefore, the dynamic range of digital cameras is higher, can transmit more accurate signals to the computer.

6. Frame rate of the camera

Depending on the speed to be detected, the frame rate of the camera must be greater than or equal to the detection speed, which is equal to the case that you must process the image quickly, must be completed within the exposure and transmission time of the camera.

SONY FCB-EV9500M has been on the market since 2021, known for high definition, high sensitivity and super image stabilization. It adopts 1/1.8 inch STARVIS CMOS sensor with an effective pixel of about 4.17 million. It is equipped with MIPI network control board of Xuanzhan Technology, which has low power consumption. Can effectively output 1080P50 HD digital model, more suitable for use in security monitoring, industrial robots, intelligent transportation, snapshot kiosk, police cars and video conferencing and other industries.

SONY FCB-EV9500M,can not meet the strict requirements of industrial robot camera? - Sony Camera Information - 2




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