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Which brand of underwater robot camera is good? SONY FCB-ER8530 is recommended

Underwater robot (AUV) is one of the key devices in Marine research and engineering, and camera is an important detection device of AUV. Due to the harsh working environment of the underwater robot, the requirements for the camera carried by the robot are very strict.


Which brand of underwater robot camera is good? SONY FCB-ER8530 is recommended - Sony Camera Information - 1Underwater robot

So about the underwater robot camera, how should we choose? SONY FCB – ER8530 can deal with complex underwater environment?

As the official authorized distributor of SONY FCB series integrated movement, Xuanzhan Technology tells you the following factors that must be considered:


1. Light

Light has a very important impact on underwater robot photography: the main problems faced in underwater photography are the loss of color and contrast. Longer wavelengths of sunlight (such as red or orange) are quickly absorbed by the surrounding water, so even to the naked eye they appear blue-green. Another environmental impact is the visibility range. Water is rarely clear, and dissolved and suspended substances can reduce visibility through absorption and scattering of light.

So the effect of light directly determines the visibility and color balance of your picture. At this time, if the underwater camera can be equipped with a supplementary light, it can greatly illuminate the dim environment in the water, which will greatly improve the clarity of the photography picture.


2. automatic focus

For the underwater robot camera, autofocus is one of the indispensable functions, and the shorter the time of autofocus imaging, the better, most underwater creatures are constantly moving, autofocus camera can quickly capture the moment and obtain high-definition pictures.


3. Pixels and frame rate

We all know that the higher the pixel, the clearer the frame rate, the smoother the frame rate. More than 8 million pixels, frame rate choose 30 frames or 60 frames, this in the selection of underwater robot camera reasonable planning of their own budget, pay attention to the product pixel and frame rate parameters, whether the need for zoom lens, etc. Choose according to your own needs.


4. Brand

Brand has increasingly become one of the core elements of the survival and development of electronic products, as industrial electronic products, we must choose a good brand, underwater robot engineering is generally not a small project, the choice of brand camera in terms of performance, quality and after-sales are more guaranteed.


5. Figure out your needs

Finally, you need to figure out your specific needs and analyze what type of camera you will ultimately need. For example, whether additional accessories are needed, whether secondary development is needed, etc.

FCB – ER8530, SONY 4 k ultra-high resolution integration movement module, using a new generation of Exmor R CMOS sensor, effective pixels around 8.51 million pixels, 20 x optical zoom, zoom, super resolution can output 4 k and hd video, can deal with complex underwater environment. In addition, Xuan Zhan technology can provide the secondary development of movement modules, related supporting products and after-sales maintenance services, to provide convenience and guarantee for users to purchase.

Which brand of underwater robot camera is good? SONY FCB-ER8530 is recommended - Sony Camera Information - 2





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