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The difference and connection between SDI HD camera and IP network HD camera

SDI HD camera and IP network HD camera are widely used in the security monitoring and UAV industry. As the general agent of SONY Movement in China, Xuan Zhan Technology is necessary to popularize the difference and connection between the two.

1. Definition of SDI HD camera and IP camera

As the name implies, SDI HD camera refers to the camera with SDI output interface, it is small delay, low codec loss, low bandwidth, real-time HD camera equipment, SDI camera is usually used in a variety of ball machine, head, gun and other video surveillance products and conference video terminal products.


The difference and connection between SDI HD camera and IP network HD camera - Sony Camera Information - 1

SDI HD camera and IP network HD camera

As the name suggests, webcams, also known as IP cameras, can send images across the network, and remote viewers can monitor the images by simply using a Web browser. This is a kind of traditional camera and network technology combined to produce a new generation of cameras.

But webcams aren’t the only ones that can connect to the Internet. Network cameras can be divided into two categories. One is the analog-digital hybrid network camera, which is based on CCTV analog camera, combined with video processing and network transmission modules. The second category is pure digital network camera. The fundamental difference between the two is that the former is still essentially an analog camera, and its implementation mechanism is A/D-D/A-A/D. After two analog-to-digital conversion, the final network signal is formed, and the highest picture quality is no more than D1. The implementation mechanism of the latter is from A/D analog signal directly to the network signal, thus greatly improving the conversion efficiency, and then greatly improving the picture quality. Because the improvement of the picture quality reduces the snowflake noise, although the pixel is high, the bit stream is not much, and its network applicability is better. Therefore, the pure digital network camera has been very popular, especially the network HD camera.

2. Differences between SDI camera and IP camera

(1) Communication interface

From the perspective of communication interface, the difference is obvious. HD-SDI camera uses SDI interface and RS-485/232, LAN; IP network cameras use adaptive Ethernet ports, RS-485/232, and WIFI. From this point we can also see that there will be some differences in the application field of the two.

(2) Image quality and transmission delay

For the pursuit of image quality and picture delay, SDI camera may be more suitable for you, we all know that IP network cameras in the process of transmitting video signals is to compress video and transmission will have a certain delay, and HD-SDI camera transmission is uncompressed video, and the delay is very small.

(3) Transmission distance and transmission rate

In terms of video signal transmission, SDI cameras also have advantages. Both transmission distance and transmission rate are higher than IP network cameras. For industries with high requirements, SDI high-definition cameras can be given priority.


The difference and connection between SDI HD camera and IP network HD camera - Sony Camera Information - 2

IP network HD integrated camera

3. Connection between SDI camera and IP camera

From the perspective of output video resolution, SDI camera and IP network camera can output 720P and 1080P HD video, and the camera with sdi interface can play a key role in the future upgrade of 4K ultra HD video, so HD-SDI camera will have better scalability.

And IP network camera, in the field of security monitoring requirements are not high in the project still has a high cost performance, so users need to choose what kind of camera according to their own needs, if you have questions can contact Xuan Zhan technology at any time!




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