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SONY ILX-LR1, a drone camera, was officially launched, subverting the industry landscape

New arrival



Looking forward to the SONY ILX-LR1 full-frame camera finally arrived, I believe that many users are looking forward to it, forced to unveil its mystery for everyone.


SONY ILX-LR1 is an expandable full-frame E-mount camera with about 61 million effective pixels and weighing about 243 grams. It has a high resolution, lightweight and compact form element, specially designed for the drone industry, and is suitable for scenes that need to capture minute details such as drone aerial photography, industrial inspection, 3D modeling and surveying and mapping.


Designed for drones

Why is the SONY ILX-LR1 camera specifically designed for the drone industry? How are its exterior design and functional features designed around the drone industry?


Full frame sensor

The SONY ILX-LR1 uses SONY’s advanced imaging technology to improve image acquisition quality. The approximately 61 megapixel full-frame backlight Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor captures more detail and precision, providing more accurate and clear image data in aerial photography, inspection and 3D modeling. For drone inspection, it can better identify problems and hidden dangers, and for mapping, it can draw more accurate maps and models.


Strong expansibility

The SONY ILX-LR1 has scalable features and a rich selection of E-bayonet lenses that can be customized according to the needs of different use scenarios of UAVs. More professional interface and screw hole design, which provides convenience for the system integration of UAVs. These interfaces and screw holes can be connected with other parts of the UAV, such as the transmission system, flight control system, remote control system, etc., to achieve better integration and collaborative work. This is important for the drone industry as it allows users to seamlessly integrate the camera with other hardware and software parts of the drone for more efficient and flexible operation and control.


Small and light

The SONY ILX-LR1 camera is very small and lightweight, weighing about 243 grams, making it ideal for mounting on drones for inspection and mapping tasks. Its small size and lightness will not have a significant impact on the flight performance of the drone, and it is easy to install and operate. This allows the ILX-LR1 camera to play a greater role in drone missions and provide more accurate and detailed data acquisition.


Remote control

By integrating apis into the system, the camera can be controlled remotely from a PC, allowing changes to camera Settings, shutter release, real-time view monitoring, and more. When manual focus is used, the current focus position can be retrieved and the focus adjusted to any desired location, resulting in highly reproducible and stable shots. The customer’s app can link the unique image ID to drone location data in post-processing.


Application scenario

SONY ILX-LR1 camera has a wide range of applications in UAV aerial photography, industrial inspection, three-dimensional modeling and surveying and mapping.




Drone aerial photography

The SONY ILX-LR1 camera provides high-resolution image and video capture capabilities that can be used for landscape photography, urban planning, land surveying and other applications. The ILX-LR1 camera on the drone can capture a wider field of view from the air and obtain more detailed images.


Industrial inspection

SONY ILX-LR1 cameras provide high-definition images and video that can be used to inspect and monitor the safety and integrity of wind farms, buildings, utility poles, Bridges and more. The ILX-LR1 camera on the UAV can easily realize the inspection and inspection of high altitude or dangerous areas without manual climbing or overhanging, improving work efficiency and safety.


3D modeling and surveying and mapping

The SONY ILX-LR1 camera can capture images from multiple angles and high resolution, providing detailed terrain data. These data can be used for 3D modeling and surveying of buildings, terrain, land use, etc. The ILX-LR1 camera on the UAV enables fast and accurate 3D modeling and measurement through automatic flight path planning and image stitching algorithms.


Both the design and functional features strongly confirm that SONY ILX-LR1 is a full-frame camera tailored for the drone industry. Its full-frame sensor, scalability, lightweight shape and remote control features make it an ideal choice for the drone industry. It can meet the high standard requirements of UAV in aerial photography, industrial inspection and three-dimensional modeling applications.





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