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Real-time tracking, accurate focus, FCB-EV9500M leads a new era of automatic focus

For the FCB-EV9500M integrated movement of fast autofocus, although there is no specific test of its focusing speed, but for its users, it must be deeply experienced, especially when using other brands of movement users, compared with SONY FCB-EV9500M integrated movement, there will be a more obvious difference.


Real-time tracking, accurate focus, FCB-EV9500M leads a new era of automatic focus - Sony Camera Information - 1


Technological advantage


The fast autofocus of  FCB-EV9500M integrated movement is inseparable from its high-performance configuration and advanced technology.


It is mainly reflected in the following aspects:


High-speed focusing algorithm: FCB-EV9500M integrated movement uses an advanced high-speed focusing algorithm. This algorithm can quickly and accurately identify and track the focal point of the surgical area, so as to achieve fast autofocus. It can complete the focusing process in a short time and reduce the image blur problem caused by the focusing delay in the capture process.


High sensitivity sensor: FCB-EV9500M integrated movement is equipped with a 1/1.8 inch STARVIS CMOS high sensitivity image sensor. This sensor can quickly capture image details and pass them on to a focusing algorithm for processing. The highly sensitive sensor allows the camera to respond more quickly to changes in focus, enabling fast autofocus.


Focus priority mode: FCB-EV9500M integrated movement also has a focus priority mode function. In this mode, the camera will automatically focus on the target area and keep the focus steady. This means that even if the target area moves or there is other interference, the camera can still quickly track and adjust the focus, ensuring the clarity and accuracy of the image during capture.


Manual Focus Assist: In addition to the autofocus function, FCB-EV9500M all-in-one movement also offers manual focus assist. If needed, the focus can be manually adjusted to ensure clarity of the surgical area. The manual focus assist function can be combined with the auto focus function to provide more flexible and accurate focus control.


Application field

FCB-EV9500M integrated movement’s fast autofocus has a wide range of applications in real-time monitoring, video conferencing, distance education, video surveillance and security, drones and other applications. The emergence of this technology allows these industries to better meet their needs, improve work efficiency and monitoring quality.


FCB-EV9500M Application field


Real-time monitoring: FCB-EV9500M fast autofocus technology enables real-time tracking and focusing of moving targets, ensuring that the monitoring picture is always clearly visible. This is important for security companies and monitoring centers who need to be able to monitor and track potential threats or unusual behavior in real time. Fast autofocus technology can help them accurately identify and track targets, improving safety and reaction speed.


Video conferencing: FCB-EV9500M’s fast autofocus technology ensures attendees are always in a clear picture. This is important for real-time communication and teaching, ensuring that participants can clearly see and hear each other. Fast autofocus technology can automatically adjust the focal length and focus according to the movement of people and position changes in the scene, and maintain the clarity and stability of the image.


Drone Pod: FCB-EV9500M’s fast autofocus technology ensures that the drone maintains a clear image at all times during flight. Drones are often used for tasks such as aerial photography, surveying and monitoring, and need to be able to transmit and record high-quality images and videos in real time. Fast autofocus technology can help drones autofocus and track ground targets, providing clearer, detailed images and improving mission effectiveness and success.


Smart Healthcare: FCB-EV9500M’s fast autofocus technology can be used in scenes such as operating rooms and examination rooms in hospitals. During surgery, doctors need clearly visible images to accurately identify and operate. Fast autofocus technology automatically adjusts the focal length and focus, ensuring that surgical images are always visible.


FCB-EV9500M integrated movement’s fast autofocus technology brings more efficient and accurate image capture and monitoring solutions to various industries. With fast autofocus technology, targets can be tracked in real time and safety and response speed can be improved.


The application of fast autofocus technology can improve work efficiency, improve image quality, and bring more development opportunities to various industries.





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