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FCB-ER9500, SONY’s first 4K 60P zoom camera block is about to be launched

Xuanzhan Technology , the launch center of SONY China’s FCB series products , recently welcomed a new member, FCB-ER9500, which is the first 4K 60-frame zoom camera module launched by SONY and is expected to be fully sale in Summer 2024.




As the official authorized distributor and launch center of SONY FCB series products, Xuanzhan Technology took the lead in getting the FCB-ER9500 prototype and shared its beauty and highlights with you as quickly as possible. The published content is for reference only. The details are based on the official SONY. The published version of SONY official release shall prevail.


4K 60 frames


4K 60 frames is the biggest highlights of the FCB-ER9500 zoom camera module. 4K 60 frames refers to the video shooting capability with 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) and 60 frames per second. Among them, 4K resolution means that the camera can capture a very high pixel density, and the image details are clearer and more precise. The 60 frames per second video shooting capability means that the camera can shoot consecutive image frames 60 times per second, making the video more smooth and natural.


STARVIS2 4K image sensor


STARVIS2 is a high-performance image sensor series launched by Sony, which has been first used in the FCB-EV9520L high-definition camera module. The STARVIS2 4K image sensor is a product in this series targeting 4K resolution. The FCB-ER9500 zoom camera module uses a 1/1.8’’4K STARVIS2 CMOS Sensor.


STARVIS2 4K image sensor

The STARVIS2 4K image sensor uses Sony’s latest CMOS technology, which has high pixel density and low noise characteristics, and can provide excellent image quality and detail performance. It also has a higher dynamic range and super starlight night vision, which can achieve better image effects in various lighting conditions.


25x optical zoom lens


The 25x optical zoom lens of the FCB-ER9500 zoom camera module is also the first time SONY has used it on a 4K ultra-high-definition camera module. Users can achieve a smooth transition from wide angle to long distance through simple operations and capture more details. , without losing picture quality.


Other functions


In addition to the above highlights, the FCB-ER9500 zoom camera module has better wide dynamic range, image stabilization, optical axis consistency, regional independent 3A function, infrared night vision and other functions than traditional 4K camera modules, and can present more smooth and natural, more layered picture.


Application areas of FCB-EV9500


The excellent performance of the FCB-ER9500 zoom camera module allows it to be widely used in various major industries. It is the preferred product for security monitoring, radio and television, video conferencing, drone equipment and other industries.




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