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What are the application scenarios of FCB-EV9520L auto focus camera in the field of robotics?

The main reason why robots need autofocus cameras is to achieve visual perception and environmental understanding. The camera can provide the robot with visual information to help the robot perceive the surrounding environment, identify target objects, navigate and avoid obstacles.


What are the application scenarios of FCB-EV9520L auto focus camera in the field of robotics? - Sony Camera Information - 1


The following are the main application scenarios where the robot needs to use the camera:

Environment awareness and navigation: The automatic focus camera can obtain the image information of the robot’s environment, including the ground, walls, obstacles, etc., to help the robot to position, navigate and path planning. The camera can be used to identify landmarks, identify target objects and terrain to guide the robot’s movement and navigation.

Object detection and recognition: Auto-focus cameras can be used to detect and recognize specific target objects, such as faces, human bodies, objects, etc. Through image processing and computer vision algorithms, the robot can detect, classify and recognize objects through the image information obtained by the camera, so as to realize the interaction with the environment and people.

Visual ranging and measurement: Visual ranging and measurement can be performed by an autofocus camera to determine the distance, size and shape of the object from the robot. This is very important for the operation and obstacle avoidance of the robot, which can help the robot judge whether the object is near and far, whether the size is appropriate, and make corresponding reactions and decisions.

Object grab and manipulation: The autofocus camera provides visual feedback to the robot to help it accurately locate and grasp the target object. By obtaining the position, attitude and feature information of the object through the camera, the robot can accurately grasp and operate according to the information, improving the work efficiency and accuracy.

As an important sensing organ of the robot, the automatic focusing camera can provide the robot with visual information and environmental perception ability, so that it can better understand the surrounding environment, interact with the environment, and complete various tasks and operations.

The SONY FCB-EV9520L is a high-definition autofocus camera module featuring an advanced STARVIS2 CMOS sensor and 30x optical zoom lens for better image stabilization, optical axis consistency, wide motion, low illumination and a new three-zone feature. The advantages in the robot industry mainly include the following aspects:


FCB-EV9520L with HD HDMI interface board

FCB-EV9520L connects to the HDMI HD interface board


High resolution image: The effective pixel of SONY FCB-EV9520L can reach 2 million pixels, and the output image format can reach 1080P60, which can provide clear and detailed images, so that the robot can more accurately perceive the surrounding environment and target objects.

Fast and accurate autofocus: SONY FCB-EV9520L features fast and accurate autofocus. Using advanced focusing algorithms and fast focusing drivers, they are able to quickly adjust the focus length at different distances and scenes, ensuring that the image always remains clear and sharp, thus providing more reliable visual perception.

Powerful low light performance: Robots in practical applications may face a variety of light conditions, including low or low light environments. The SONY FCB-EV9520L has excellent low light performance and infrared night vision, which can still capture clear images in low light. This allows the robot to sense and operate efficiently in a variety of lighting conditions.

Reliability and stability: As a global brand, SONY’s products have reliability and stability. This is crucial for robotics applications, as robots need to operate stably for long periods of time and be able to work continuously in a variety of environments and conditions.

To sum up, the SONY FCB-EV9520L auto focus camera offers advantages in the robotics industry such as high-resolution images, fast and accurate autofocus, strong low-light performance, and reliability and stability. These advantages enable robots to better perceive and understand the environment, thereby improving the effectiveness of their operations and decisions.





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