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FCB-EV9520L leads SONY FCB series camera products to new heights

In today’s digital era, the application range of zoom camera blocks is becoming more and more extensive. Whether it is security monitoring, drone aerial photography, medical imaging or industrial inspection, high-quality camera block is one of the important factors to ensure the success of the project. As a leading imaging solution provider, SONY has launched a new product – FCB-EV9520L, taking the FCB series of camera products to a new level.


FCB-EV9520L plus high definition HDMI interface board


Video is accurately restored, clear and lifelike

FCB-EV9520L zoom camera block uses SONY’s unique high-quality sensor STARVIS2 and advanced image processing technology, with excellent resolution and color reproduction capabilities. Whether in low-light environments or high dynamic range scenes, it can accurately restore picture details and present clear and lifelike images, so you don’t miss any important details.


Powerful optical zoom performance, capture every moment

FCB-EV9520L camera is equipped with a powerful optical zoom function, which can capture and observe long-distance targets without losing image quality. Whether it is for long-distance monitoring, aerial photography of scenery, or precise industrial inspection, it can easily capture every moment and show a broader perspective.


Advanced autofocus technology, fast and accurate

FCB-EV9520L camera adopts advanced autofocus technology, which can focus quickly and accurately to ensure clear and stable images. You can obtain high-quality image output without manually adjusting the focus, which greatly improves work efficiency and convenience.


Various extension functions to meet various needs

In addition to the above powerful basic functions, the FCB-EV9520L can be used with various interface control boards independently developed by Xuanzhan Technology to create video output solutions that meet the needs of users and meet the diverse needs of different fields. Whether in security monitoring systems, drone aerial photography projects, or medical image processing, more application possibilities can be achieved.


FCB-EV9520L spot auto exposure



SONY FCB-EV9520L is a high-performance zoom camera block. Whether in security, aerial photography, medical, industrial and other fields, FCB-EV9520L can bring you clearer and more accurate image details. Help you achieve more possibilities. At the same time, it also leads SONY FCB series camera products to new heights.



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