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Why choose SONY FCB-EV9520L for laser cannon cutting down trees?

How does laser cannon cut down trees?

Laser cannon tree trimming is a modern forestry operation method that uses laser technology to precisely cut down trees. Its working principle mainly includes the following steps:


Target identification: First, the laser cannon system needs to identify and locate trees through high-definition cameras . The high-definition camera will scan the surrounding trees and obtain information such as the tree’s location, height, diameter, etc.


Laser targeting: Based on the location and morphological information of the trees, the laser cannon system will automatically adjust the angle and direction of the laser to aim at the target trees. The laser beam is precisely aimed at a specific part of the tree, usually the base of the trunk.


Laser irradiation: Once the laser cannon system is aimed, the laser will release a high- energy laser beam and illuminate the target part of the tree. The laser beam generates high temperatures that instantly evaporate the surface moisture of the tree, causing local swelling and cracking, ultimately leading to the felling of the tree.


Cutting down trees: After the laser beam is irradiated on the trees, the surface of the trees will quickly evaporate, causing gas expansion and explosion, causing the trees to be felled in an instant. The laser cannon system can precisely control the energy and irradiation time of the laser beam to ensure that trees are accurately felled while avoiding unnecessary damage to the surrounding environment.


The important role of the camera

From the above working principle of laser cannon to cut down trees, we can clearly understand that target recognition is a very important part of the success of laser cannon to cut down trees. The core component of target recognition mainly relies on the camera, so the camera plays a role in this process. plays a very important role, mainly reflected in the following aspects:


Analysis and monitoring: During the laser tree felling process, the camera can be used to monitor and analyze the felling of trees in real time. The camera needs to have high definition and sensitivity and be able to capture subtle changes and information so that the operator can adjust the laser parameters and direction in a timely manner to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of felling.


Safety: Laser tree felling involves laser technology. The camera needs to be able to monitor the intensity, direction and range of the laser beam in real time to ensure that the laser felling process will not cause danger to the surrounding environment and personnel. Cameras can also be used to monitor the operating status of laser equipment, detect and solve problems in a timely manner, and ensure operational safety.


Data recording: The camera can record video and image data of the entire laser tree felling process, providing a basis for subsequent analysis, research and summary. The camera needs to be able to stably record high-quality video for review and analysis of felling effects, processes and problems.


To sum up, laser tree felling has high requirements for cameras, which require high definition, high sensitivity, stability and safety. Only by meeting these requirements can the camera effectively assist the laser tree felling process, improve work efficiency, ensure operational safety, and provide support for subsequent data analysis and research.


Laser cannon tree felling is a modern forestry operation method that uses laser technology to accurately cut trees. In this kind of operation, there may be the following reasons for choosing SONY FCB-EV9520L camera:


Why choose SONY FCB-EV9520L

Laser cannon cutting down trees has high requirements on the camera. The camera needs to be high-definition, stable and reliable, and can cope with complex environments such as overexposure and underexposure . SONY FCB-EV9520L is a good choice. How is it qualified for the laser? A demanding job with a gun?


Full High Definition Image: The FCB-EV9520L is a high definition camera with Full HD resolution and excellent image quality. In laser cannon tree felling operations, it is necessary to accurately aim and cut trees. High-definition images can provide clear and detailed pictures, helping operators accurately control the position and angle of laser cannons to ensure accurate felling. sex and efficiency.


Wide dynamic range and highlight suppression: FCB-EV9520L has wide dynamic range and highlight suppression functions, which can effectively handle environments with large light changes and avoid overexposure or underexposure . During laser cannon tree felling operations, light conditions may change. These functions can help the camera adapt to different light environments and ensure stable image quality.

FCB-EV9520L with 3G-SDI interface board

Stable and reliable: SONY is a well-known camera brand. FCB-EV9520L has stable performance and reliable quality, and can work stably in harsh environments. In complex operation scenarios such as laser cannon cutting down trees, the camera needs to be able to work stably and provide high-quality image output. FCB-EV9520L is such a reliable choice.


To sum up, SONY FCB-EV9520L is a good choice, which can meet the requirements of high camera requirements such as laser cannon cutting down trees. It provides clear, detailed image capture, allowing you to observe and analyze the details and condition of trees. At the same time, it has stable working performance and reliable operating status, and can maintain stable picture output in harsh environments. In addition, FCB-EV9520L also has excellent light processing capabilities, which can cope with complex environments such as overexposure and insufficient light, ensuring stable and clear image quality.





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