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Sony Camera Information

SONY FCB-EV7520:image stabilization|30x optical zoom|quick zoom

The three main features of SONY FCB-EV7520 are introduced: image stabilizer, 30x optical zoom, fast zoom operation. Shenzhen Xuanzhong Technology Co., Ltd. is the authorized agent of SONY FCB series camera block, committed to the integration of color camera block product research and development, production, sales, service in one of the professional providers, has a strong technical research and development strength.

SONY FCB-EV7520:image stabilization|30x optical zoom|quick zoom - Sony Camera Information - 1

SONY FCB-EV7520 match Network coding control board


Features a fast 30x optical zoom lens

SONY FCB-EV7520 uses a fast, bright, high-quality lens with F1.6 maximum aperture and 30x optical zoom range. The fast zoom operation (from the wide Angle end to the long end) is ideal for a smooth, fast transition from wide area coverage to detailed close-up in security and surveillance applications.

Image stabilizer

SONY FCB-EV7520 uses an image stabilizer to achieve more stable images. The camera’s built-in image stabilizer function can counteract the impact of image blur and jitter caused by low-frequency vibration. It is suitable for outdoor surveillance and traffic monitoring applications where cameras may be affected by wind or mechanical vibrations, such as on Bridges or mounting poles.

StableZoom ™

SONY FCB-EV7520, a combination of image stabilizer and optical/digital zoom, improves image quality while maintaining the original horizontal view, ensuring image size is not compromised and reducing blur.

2D/3D noise reduction

SONY FCB-EV7520 Advanced noise reduction technology filters out noise in images for sharper results, especially in low light conditions. Noise reduction can be selected from five levels to accommodate a wide range of operating environments.

Use Visibility Enhancer and De-fog to see more clearly

SONY FCB-EV7520 image quality is dynamically and adaptively enhanced on a pixel-by-pixel basis, while constantly adapting to the scene within a given dynamic range. There is also a defog feature for a clearer view in foggy or misty scenes.

Clear view day/night

Benefit from optimized image quality under changing lighting conditions – a common challenge in 24/7 safe operations.

In High sensitivity mode, the SONY FCB-EV7520 camera operates effectively at light levels as low as 0.35 lx (with ICR on). * 5

Automatic ICR (Automatic IR-cut filter removal)

SONY FCB-EV7520 In low light conditions, the camera automatically switches from day mode to night mode and the IR-cut filter is removed to improve sensitivity, resulting in sharp pictures in near-dark conditions.

Spherical privacy area shading

SONY FCB-EV7520 can selectively mask the field of view for privacy. The masking area is automatically interlocked with the pan/tilt/zoom action of the camera.





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