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What are the advantages of SNOY FCB-EV7310 in the field of transportation

In response to the growing demand for high-quality, high-resolution images, SONY has added three new 20x optical zoom color models to its FCB-EV series camera block lineup.


These use CMOS image sensors and high-performance optical zoom lenses to provide the camera with excellent image quality. Now, SONY’s FCB-EV range covers products in HD and full HD from 10x to 30x, with or without analog video output.


All of these cameras inherit the benefits of SONY’s world-renowned FCB series, including Auto ICR and spherical privacy area masking features. These useful features are available for a range of applications and are designed to meet the desired requirements of users.

SONY FCB EV7310,high-performance 1/2.8 Exmor CMOS image sensor delivers excellent full-HD image quality even in low-light environments. Progressive scanning ensures smoother images with less blur, making it ideal for capturing details in moving images. This feature can play a huge role in traffic monitoring and increase the convenience of traffic police work.


SONY FCB EV7310 uses an image stabilizer to obtain a more stable image. The camera’s built-in image stabilizer function can calculate the impact of blurred and jitter images caused by low-frequency vibration. This is very useful for traffic monitoring applications, especially when the cameras are mounted on Bridges or mounting poles, which are subject to wind or mechanical vibrations.


What are the advantages of SNOY FCB-EV7310 in the field of transportation - Sony Camera Information - 1


The camera is in a low light environment on cloudy days or at night, and the most direct impact of this environment is the deterioration of the painting quality, the reason is the noise problem. This camera uses 2D / 3D, so that the quality of the shot is filtered and the quality is much better.


When this feature is enabled, the camera detects the haze level and automatically applies the desired effect. Users only need to adjust the level of these effects through the VISCA command to obtain fog through the screen, which is another feature of FCB EV7310: fog through the function.



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