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SDI or HDMI which is better, how to choose

Now in the camera commonly used video interface is SDI and HDMI, in the end SDI and HDMI which is better, we can not one-sided to see who is good and who is bad, in different industry applications to choose what video interface according to the current demand to meet the current demand. The following Shenzhen Xuan Zhan technology for you to briefly introduce the different SDI and HDMI and application occasions, convenient for you to choose according to your own situation.

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HD/3G-SDI Coding control board and HD-HDMI Coding control board

SDI is now widely used in broadcast and video shooting professional products. SDI transmits uncompressed serial digital video signals between video editing devices over coaxial cables. SDI has standard definition SD-SDI and HD-SDI interface standards, the difference between the two lies in the difference of bit rate, SD-SDI bit rate is 270Mbps, and HD-SDI bit rate is 1485Mbps, now the main connection mode is serial digital component interface HD-SDI. In addition, SDI can be transmitted with an ordinary 75 ohm coaxial line.

HDMI must be familiar to everyone. Our commonly used TVS and computers will now have HDMI ports. HDMI, or high definition multimedia interface, supports HDCP and is mainly used in consumer home entertainment electronic products. HDMI uses 19 cables and has a data transmission bandwidth of up to 5Gbps, which is a great advantage in transmitting uncompressed audio signals and high-resolution video signals. Another feature of HDMI is that it does not need to carry out digital/analog or analog/digital conversion before signal transmission while ensuring high-quality audio and video signal transmission.

From the above, we can see the difference between SDI and HDMI application areas. In addition, the main difference between them is the transmission distance and the cable used.

In terms of transmission distance, HDMI can only transmit to 40 meters at present, while SDI can transmit to 120-400 meters, requiring a longer distance to optical terminal. Of course, we can also convert SDI to HDMI, which can be easily done through the SDI-HDMI converter box.

In terms of the use of cables, as we have mentioned above, HDMI interface uses 19 cables for transmission, with a data transmission bandwidth of up to 5Gbps, while SDI uses an ordinary 75 ohm coaxial line for transmission.

We hope that the above points can give us a rough understanding of the difference between SDI and HDMI in the field of video application. Which is better between SDI and HDMI, and how to choose? I hope that you can make a correct choice according to the requirements of the project environment in the project application.





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