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Capture detail, balanced light and dark: Auto focus camera wide dynamic

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) of an auto focus camera refers to the brightness range that the camera can capture, which can help the camera to capture rich details in high-contrast scenes, accurately presenting bright and dark images.

After the camera sensor entered the CMOS era, wide dynamic is also known as HDR, that is, High-Dynamic Range. In particular, the film and television industry, the display field, mobile phone screens, photography and videography are generally called HDR. The security industry also refers to wide dynamics as HDR. In this paper, the significance, principle and application of wide dynamics of autofocus camera are introduced.


Capture detail, balanced light and dark: Auto focus camera wide dynamic - Sony Camera Information - 1

Autofocus camera wide dynamic


1. The significance of wide dynamic range

In high-contrast scenes, such as strong light and shadows, traditional cameras often fail to accurately capture bright and dark details, resulting in overexposed or dark images. Through multi-frame exposure and image processing algorithm, wide dynamic range technology can synthesize and process images with different exposure degrees, and present details of bright and dark parts at the same time, providing more real and accurate image information.


2. the performance of wide dynamic range

The wide dynamic performance of autofocus cameras is expressed in “dB”, in general, the wide dynamic range of modern cameras can reach about 120dB to 150dB. The higher the wide dynamic range, the better the camera will perform in high-contrast scenes. However, the level of wide dynamic range technology for cameras varies between camera models and manufacturers. Moreover, the actual wide dynamic range is also affected by many factors, including the quality of the sensor, the image processing algorithm, and the hardware performance of the device.


3. the principle of wide dynamic range

The realization of wide dynamic range depends on the camera’s multi-frame exposure and image processing algorithms. When the camera is faced with a high-contrast scene, it will capture multiple images with different exposures at the same time. Some images will increase exposure to capture dark detail, while others will decrease exposure to preserve light detail. These images are then synthesized and processed by image processing algorithms to balance brightness and contrast to produce a sharp image with a wide dynamic range.


4. Wide dynamic range application

Security monitoring: Cameras with a wide dynamic range play an important role in security monitoring. It can help users better identify and analyze details in the surveillance screen, especially in outdoor environments or under high light conditions. For example, it can clearly display license plate numbers, facial features, etc., providing more reliable monitoring results.


Traffic monitoring: In traffic monitoring, the wide dynamic range of cameras can help identify the details of the vehicle, such as license plate number, body color, etc., to provide strong support for traffic management and violation monitoring.


Industrial inspection: Cameras with a wide dynamic range also play an important role in industrial inspection. It can help users more accurately detect the details of the product surface, improve quality control and production efficiency.


Capture detail, balanced light and dark: Auto focus camera wide dynamic - Sony Camera Information - 2

Wide range of dynamic camera applications


SONY auto focus camera from the analog standard definition series has begun to have a wide dynamic function, to the HD, 4K series is basically completely popular, the recent new FCB-EV9520L wide dynamic range of up to 130dB, is a relatively high performance level, it represents the camera in the high-contrast scene of excellent performance, Provides clearer and more accurate images.

Capture detail, balanced light and dark: Auto focus camera wide dynamic - Sony Camera Information - 3

FCB-EV9520L High dynamic wide dynamic


Conclusion: The wide dynamic range technology of autofocus camera plays a crucial role in high contrast scenes. It can provide more realistic and accurate image information. With the continuous progress of technology, wide dynamic range technology will be widely used in more application scenarios, bringing better viewing and use experience to users.





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