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What is white balance in SONY FCB cameras?

As people pay more and more attention to security issues, SONY FCB cameras have become the target of choice. The wide variety of SONY FCB cameras on the market fully explains everyone’s needs. But do you know what a SONY FCB camera white balance is? Today, I will talk with you about the SONY FCB camera white balance.


What is white balance in SONY FCB cameras? - Sony Camera Information - 1

What is white balance? White balance is a function that adjusts the color balance of the camera, its purpose is to correct the color deviation under different light sources, so that the white in the image looks realistic. The color temperature is different under different light sources, such as higher daylight color temperature and lower incandescent color temperature. If the camera does not perform white balance correction, the white in the image may be biased towards blue or yellow, resulting in color distortion throughout the image.

Simply put, white balance is a function that still defines “white” as “white” regardless of the ambient light. Since the CCD sensor itself does not have this function, it is necessary to make certain corrections to its output signal, which is called white balance.

Color is essentially the interpretation of light, what looks white in normal light may not look white in darker light, and the “white” under fluorescent lighting is also “non-white.” For all this, if the white balance can be adjusted, you can correctly use “white” as the base color to restore other colors in the resulting photo. Therefore, white balance control is to adjust the image so that the color of the photo taken under various light conditions is exactly the same as the color of the scene seen by the human eye.


What is white balance in SONY FCB cameras? - Sony Camera Information - 2


SONY FCB camera inside there are three CCD electronic coupling components, they respectively feel blue, green, red light, in the preset case of these three photosensitive circuit electronic amplification ratio is the same, for 1:1:1 relationship, white balance adjustment is according to the adjusted scene to change this proportional relationship. For example, the proportional relationship between blue, green and red light of the adjusted scene is 2:1:1 (more blue light, higher color temperature), then the proportional relationship after white balance adjustment is 1:2:2, and the proportion of blue is obviously reduced in the adjusted circuit amplification ratio, and the proportion of green and red is increased. In this way, the adjusted scene will have the same ratio of blue, green and red through the white balance adjustment circuit to the captured image. In other words, if the adjusted white is slightly blue, then the white balance adjustment changes the normal proportional relationship to reduce the amplification of the blue circuit, while increasing the proportion of green and red, so that the resulting image is still white.



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