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SONY FCB-ER8530, leading the dual innovation of 4K Ultra HD and auto focus

SONY FCB-ER8530 camera module, not only has 4K ultra HD image quality, but also integrates autofocus technology with it, which can output more delicate and smooth image quality, bringing users a more convenient and high-quality experience. This article will delve into the features and advantages of the FCB-ER8530 auto focus camera and its innovation in the field of cameras.


SONY FCB-ER8530, leading the dual innovation of 4K Ultra HD and auto focus - Sony Camera Information - 1



4K+ auto focus

1. 4K ultra HD image quality, delicate and delicate

FCB-ER8530 camera uses a 4K ultra HD sensor, which is more delicate and can capture more detail than 1080p cameras. Whether it is used in security monitoring, video conferencing, drone aerial photography or medical equipment, it can present a more real and textured picture.


2. automatic focus, so that the focus is always accurately locked

Compared with traditional cameras, manual adjustment is often required when focusing, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive and may not be completely accurate. However, the introduction of the auto-focus technology of the FCB-ER8530 camera completely changed this situation. Whether it is a long shot or a close shot, whether it is a moving object or a fixed object, the camera can automatically adjust the focus in real time, and the imaging speed is fast, ensuring that the picture is always clear and sharp.


SONY FCB-ER8530, leading the dual innovation of 4K Ultra HD and auto focus - Sony Camera Information - 2

4K Ultra HD with auto focus


3. the combination of two swords, a new experience and breakthrough

FCB-ER8530 camera combines 4K ultra HD and autofocus technology to capture more details and colors, making the picture more realistic and vivid. The automatic focus is not only convenient and time-saving, but also can accurately lock the focus, and the picture is clearer and smoother, which brings a new experience and breakthrough for users.


Other excellent features

FCB-ER8530 is an advanced autofocus camera with a number of outstanding features, including 20x optical zoom, super resolution zoom, wide dynamics, fog penetration, high highlight suppression, and day/night switching. The combined application of these features makes the FCB-ER8530 a camera that can perform well in various industries.

1. 20x optical zoom

The 20x optical zoom allows for more flexibility in capturing scenes at different distances and angles. Whether it is close-up detail shooting or long-range panoramic shooting, it can achieve clear and stable pictures through optical zoom.


2. super resolution zoom

The super resolution zoom function further improves the clarity and detail of the picture. Even at maximum zoom multiples, the FCB-ER8530 maintains excellent image quality and can see details in the picture more clearly, enhancing the experience.


3. wide dynamic & transparent fog

The wide dynamic function enables the FCB-ER8530 to handle high-contrast scenes, ensuring the balance of light and dark details in the picture and avoiding over-exposure or under-exposure. The fog transmission function can effectively reduce the impact of haze in the atmosphere and maintain the clarity and color reproduction of the picture.


4. high highlight suppression & day and night switch

The high highlight suppression function can effectively suppress the over-bright area, avoid the situation of over-exposure of highlights, and maintain the details and quality of the picture. The day and night switch function can automatically adjust the Settings of the camera according to the lighting conditions of the environment, ensuring that excellent picture effects can be obtained under different light conditions.

With HDMI 4K interface board

FCB-ER8530 is connected to the HDMI 4K interface board independently developed by XianZhan Technology through LVDS interface, plug and play, and can output 4K ultra HD video signals without any setting, supporting the relevant control of zoom, focusing, gain, white balance and other functions, as well as video capture, image processing, video conversion, transmission and other functions.


SONY FCB-ER8530, leading the dual innovation of 4K Ultra HD and auto focus - Sony Camera Information - 3

SONY FCB-ER8530 with 4K HDMI interface board


In summary, the combination of more than one function of the FCB-ER/CR8530 makes it a comprehensive, high-performance autofocus camera, which presents users with more vivid colors and more hierarchical images, and is widely used in high-speed ball, high-end conference, UAV, medical equipment and other fields.





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