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What causes the color deviation of SONY Auto focus camera?

Because the intensity of light reflected by each object is not the same, the color temperature is not the same, so the camera will be biased when imaging. Like the SONY auto focus camera in the automatic white balance state, in the case of white loss, there will be color bias. In this case, it is recommended to change to manual white balance or one-click white balance, manually adjust the red and blue gain in this state, and save the color adjustment after normal. Power on again and restart the color will not be deviated, but if there are other changes in the light in the environment, it needs to be adjusted again.

What causes the color deviation of SONY Auto focus camera? - Sony Camera Information - 1


The adjustment of white balance means that it can solve a series of problems in color reproduction and tone processing. White balance is literally the balance of white. White balance is a very abstract concept, the most popular understanding is to make the image of white is still white, if the white is white, the image of other scenery will be close to the color visual habits of the human eye. It can also be said that the white is to allow the camera to truly reproduce the color seen by the eye. General camera white balance is divided into automatic, preset and manual. Usually (with enough time to adjust), we have to adjust the white balance manually as the shooting site changes or the color temperature changes. How does the white balance adjust?

In life, the color temperature of daylight is constantly changing, it can be said that no two places of color temperature will be exactly the same, different regions, seasons, ground environment, weather, sooner or later, and so on will affect the color temperature, there are a large number of artificial light sources, color temperature is not the same. The camera operator’s method of adjusting white balance is roughly divided into coarse adjustment, fine adjustment and automatic tracking three kinds: coarse adjustment refers to changing the color temperature filter in the preset condition, so that the color temperature is close to the factory setting of 3200; Fine adjustment is to obtain a more accurate adjustment result for specific environment color temperature through the camera white balance adjustment function under the cooperation of color temperature filter; Automatic tracking refers to the automatic tracking function (ATW) of the camera, and the camera itself is adjusted at any time according to the color temperature changes of the picture.

Camera white balance adjustment must first choose the appropriate filter and gray, now most professional camera filter and gray are adjusted separately. The choice of color filter depends on the color temperature of the light source, and the choice of gray sheet depends on the intensity of the light source to prevent the camera aperture from being too large or too small. After selecting the correct color and gray pieces, we need to adjust the white plate of the white balance to the main light source. In the absence of special Settings, we usually push the white version to 75-100% of the screen. When the aperture is placed in automatic gear and the focal length is concentrated, the focal length should be concentrated and virtual, at least the author still adjusts the white balance according to the conventional compaction.

The general method of fine tuning is to adjust the white balance in the shooting environment by adjusting the white board (card) along the shooting direction. This is a common situation, and there are several very flexible methods of fine whitening. Use a standard white board with good transmission, put it in front of the lens, adjust the white balance in the shooting environment against the lighting direction of the light source or against the main shooting direction, a professional camera will give a color temperature reading, such as 5000K, if you want to shoot a normal picture, shoot with this white balance result. SONY auto focus camera has a variety of white balance adjustment mode, according to the current application environment, you can choose automatic, manual, indoor, outdoor, automatic tracking white balance, single key, outdoor automatic, sodium lamp automatic/manual, when we choose manual adjustment, adjust the red gain or blue gain, Thus improve the strength of the image signal to obtain a clear image.





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