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FCB-ER8530, SONY 4K ultra HD camera is different

SONY FCB-ER8530 is a 4K ultra HD camera module with outstanding performance and features for a wide range of industrial applications. What makes it different from 4K movements in the same series? This paper will analyze the differences of SONY FCB-ER8530 from the aspects of technical characteristics, advantages and application fields.





【 Technical features 】

High definition images: FCB-ER8530 is equipped with a high quality 1/2.5 Exmor R CMOS sensor and advanced image processing technology to provide clear, delicate image output.

High optical zoom: With 20x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom, the FCB-ER8530 can flexibly adjust the focal length to adapt to the image output needs of different distances.

Optical anti-shake function: optical anti-shake technology effectively reduces the blur and shake caused by camera shaking to ensure the stability of the shooting picture.

Connect to 4K-HDMI coding control board: FCB-ER8530 connects to 4K-HDMI interface board, plug and play, without making any Settings, can output 4K HDMI ultra HD video signal.


【 Advantage 】

High-quality images: The advanced technology of the FCB-ER8530 guarantees high-quality image output, meeting the needs of the industrial sector for image clarity and detail.

Multi-functional applications: FCB-ER8530 is suitable for industrial monitoring, machine vision, traffic monitoring, UAV aerial photography and other applications, with a wide range of applicability.

High performance and stability: FCB-ER8530 adopts high-quality optical components and stable structural design to ensure the stability and reliability of the product, and adapt to the use of various environmental conditions.

FCB-ER8530+4K HDMI interface board

FCB-ER8530+4K HDMI interface board


【 Application field 】

Industrial monitoring: FCB-ER8530 can be used for monitoring and security of factories, warehouses, production lines and other environments to improve safety and efficiency.

Machine vision: The FCB-ER8530 can be used in machine vision systems to help automatically identify and detect product characteristics and improve production quality.

Traffic monitoring: FCB-ER8530 is suitable for road monitoring, vehicle identification and other fields to improve traffic management efficiency and safety.

Uav aerial photography: FCB-ER8530 can carry out aerial photography tasks on the UAV for construction, agriculture, geological survey and other fields.


【 Conclusion 】

SONY FCB-ER8530 is an advanced 4K ultra HD camera module with high image quality, multi-function applications and stability, which is suitable for application needs in multiple industrial sectors. With distinctive performance and advantages.



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