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FCB-EW9500H Full HD camera, why with 4K HDMI interface board output image?

FCB-EW9500H is a new generation of SONY integrated camera module, with an effective pixel of about 4.17 million pixels (4M), supporting multiple mode image output, up to 2016P/60 HDMI output. So why define it as a full HD camera? But with 4K-HDMI interface board output image? SONY’s official authorized distributor, Xuan Zhan Technology, will answer one by one.


FCB-EW9500H+4K-HDMI interface board


First, let’s get the concept straight.

What is 4K?
4K is a standard used to describe resolution, usually referring to the horizontal resolution of 3840 pixels, vertical resolution of 2160 pixels of ultra-high definition picture quality. If the use of “progressive scan” way of display, then it can be called 2160P, FCB-EW9500H maximum output reached 2160P, then why is it not 4K ultra-high-definition camera?


Hd camera
In addition to resolution, another standard to measure 4K is the total number of pixels to reach 8 million or more, and the FCB-EW9500H effective pixels are only 4.17 million, the output image resolution is: 2688×1512 or 2560×1440, so it can only be defined as a full HD camera camera.


1, why with 4K-HDMI interface board
FCB-EW9500H, as a 2160P HD camera camera, why is it equipped with 4K-HDMI interface board for image processing? The main reasons are as follows:

(1) The definition foot of the FCB-EW9500H LVDS interface is to define it as supporting 4K HDMI output and having the ability to output high-resolution images;
(2) The highest image output of FCB-EW9500H can reach 2160P, if the HD-HDMI interface board is selected for image processing, the highest output image format is 1080P, and the image format of 2160P cannot be output;
(3) Image processing with 4K-HDMI interface board can make full use of the high-resolution output capability of FCB-EW9500H to achieve higher quality image output effect.


2. Why are there black boxes around?
Users who have used SONY FCB-EW9500H know that it will have a black box around the output image in 2160P signal system, which is why?

In the 2160P signal system, FCB-EW9500H with 4K-HDMI interface board output image resolution of 4K, 8 million pixels, while the effective pixel of FCB-EW9500H is only about 4 million, insufficient parts can only be filled in the form of black boxes around. To achieve 2160P image output, this method can make the image in the case of resolution mismatch, to a certain extent to maintain image quality and integrity, to ensure that the image on the display screen presents the appropriate proportion and clarity, to avoid deformation or stretching.


FCB-EW9500H Full HD camera, why with 4K HDMI interface board output image? - Sony Camera Information - 2


3. How to eliminate black boxes?
For users who want a full screen display, how can the FCB-EW9500H eliminate the black box around it? This can be done in two ways:
(1) You can cut the surrounding black box through the “crop tool”, and only retain the picture of the middle display content;
(2) Change the output image to 1080P signal system, which can achieve the effect of full-screen display.


4. Pay attention
Since the FCB-EW9500H HD camera does not have a 5V power chip inside the camera like other 4K ultra HD cameras, an additional 5V power chip needs to be added to the interface board when it is used with the 4K-HDMI interface board to achieve stable image output.

The above is the FCB-EW9500H in the process of connecting 4K-HDMI interface board, the user consulted more questions, to solve the doubts, have any other questions or need more explanation, please feel free to consult us.



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