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What camera is used for high-end video conferencing? SONY FCB-ER8530 4K camera module parameter features

In recent years, due to the pandemic, contactless commerce has become the new normal and video conferencing has become increasingly important, leading to a surge in the demand for high-quality conference cameras. Because even if you’re not there, you still want to make a good impression. Whether you’re hosting a work meeting, live streaming, or remotely video chatting with friends, a quality camera allows you to present yourself better. So in the video conference, how to choose the video conference camera?

SONY FCB-ER8530 is a 4K ultra HD movement module specially developed and designed for working meetings, online live broadcasting and remote video. It adopts 1/2.5 Exmor R CMOS sensor, effective pixels of about 8.51 million, 20x optical zoom lens, super resolution zoom, high quality and clear picture. Equipped with 4K-HDMI HD coding control board independently developed by Shenzhen Xuanzhan Technology, it can automatically identify signals without setting again, and output 4K HDMI ultra HD video signals for video conferences simply and conveniently.


What camera is used for high-end video conferencing? SONY FCB-ER8530 4K camera module parameter features - Sony Camera Information - 1

SONY FCB-ER8530 4K camera module

1. Pixel resolution, 4K ultra HD without compromise

SONY FCB-ER8530 is mainly used for network video calls and high-definition photos. The resolution determines the ability to parse images, which is the most important performance index and has a direct impact on the imaging effect. Resolution is generally divided into image resolution and video resolution, that is, the resolution of static and dynamic picture capture.

In actual video conferencing, the higher the pixel camera captures the more image information, and the clearer the corresponding screen image. However, higher pixels require wider data transmission channels and faster data processing capabilities. If it is mainly used for video conferencing, it is recommended to choose a 4K resolution, 5 megapixel or higher performance camera to greatly improve the collaboration experience. SONY FCB-ER8530 integrated camera module pixel resolution: 3840*2160, about 8.51 million pixels, true 4K ultra HD, is a professional camera for formal conference video calls.

2. wide dynamic white balance, high color accuracy requirements

SONY FCB-ER8530,Color reduction, also known as color accuracy, is the ability of imaging system to restore true color, which is an important factor in determining image quality. Color reduction ability is affected by color skewness, color saturation and white balance. The camera’s ability to restore color is not always better. Some people prefer color with enhanced saturation, but the high-precision color is not necessarily pleasant.

Color reduction ability is visible to the naked eye, whether the color on the screen is as real and clear as the scene at a glance. In general, cameras equipped with HDR or WDR technology and white balance feature more powerful color reproduction, richer color presentation, resulting in better visual effects, so that you are more engaged when watching meetings. SONY FCB-ER8530 integrated camera module with high dynamic wide dynamic function, white balance function is divided into automatic, automatic tracking white balance, indoor, outdoor, outdoor automatic, sodium light and other options, can easily cope with the high standard visual effects in the process of video conferencing.


What camera is used for high-end video conferencing? SONY FCB-ER8530 4K camera module parameter features - Sony Camera Information - 2


3. imaging speed, capture the fleeting picture

The speed of imaging depends on the quality of the camera sensor, which is manifested as the frame rate. Frame rate refers to the number of independent pictures produced per unit time. The higher the frame rate, the higher the picture smoothness. However, as the frame rate increases, the exposure time used to illuminate the pixels decreases.

In practice, many high frame rates suffer from low light, making it difficult to produce ideal images, which requires a trade-off between frame rate and resolution. Without sacrificing resolution, it is recommended to choose a camera with 30 frames per second (fps) or 60 frames per second (fps), which provides a perfect balance between smoothness and clarity of the video picture. The FCB-ER8530 integrated camera module is equipped with SONY’s latest 1/2.5 Exmor R CMOS sensor, which can output 4K 2160P/29.97, full HD 1080P/59.94,1080i/59.94, HD 720P/59.94 and other high quality images.

The above three points are the key factors for selecting a video conference camera. SONY FCB-ER8530 and 4K ultra HD series movement modules all have, or even far exceed, the picture effect required by video conference. Users can choose the right camera to achieve the expected effect according to their own needs.





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