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What do the frame rate and line rate of a CCD camera mean

The Frame rate/line frequency of the CCD camera indicates the frequency of the image acquisition by the camera, usually the frame rate is expressed in the field array camera, and the unit fps(Frame Per second), such as 30fps, means that the camera can capture up to 30 frames of images in 1 second.


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Line array cameras usually use line frequency is the unit KHz, such as 12 KHZ means that the camera can collect up to 12,000 lines of image data in 1 second. Speed is an important parameter of CCD camera. In practical applications, it is often necessary to image moving objects. The speed of the CCD camera needs to meet certain requirements in order to clearly and accurately image the object. The frame rate and line frequency of the camera are first affected by the frame rate and line frequency of the chip, and the design maximum speed of the chip is mainly determined by the highest clock that the chip of the CCD camera can withstand.


In the old days, some films, such as those of the Chaplin era, used a frame rate of 16fps. At this low frame rate, the picture will flicker, which is very unpleasant to the senses.


12fps, do not underestimate this frame rate, although it is lower than the 16fps just said, but it is the frame rate of classic animation. If you’ve ever played FLASH production, you can see that its default frame rate is 12fps.


Film and television are different, in the TV system, we China and Europe mostly use the PAL system standard, the frame rate is 25fps, interlaced scanning, and it uses the “V component line-by-line inverting” technology, while the NTSC system used in the United States is 30fps, progressive scanning. If the film is finally broadcast on the television system, it is best to choose the frame rate according to the situation. Although the frame rate is a little different, it is hardly noticeable to the naked eye.


If you say the word “promotion”, many people immediately think that you are a literary youth, and if you say “slow motion”, it is an ordinary youth. This is actually the same thing. Now many cameras can shoot 60fps, or 120fps video, and then play it back at normal speed, which is an upgraded video.


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