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Xuan Zhan Technology after-sales service process and camera maintenance FAQ highlights

As one of the earliest companies to enter the business of SONY FCB camera block, Xuan-Zhan Technology has profound technical accumulation of SONY FCB camera, and has trained a group of professional R & D team and after-sales maintenance engineer team to serve every customer with “thoughtful service and reliable product quality” as the principle.


1. Maintenance service process

1, our after-sales department received the customer returned repair machine, timely input maintenance registration form;

2, by the engineer to confirm the judgment, customer feedback whether the fault is real, and preliminary judgment whether the fault needs to be returned to the factory for maintenance, do not need to return to the factory is repaired by our after-sales engineers;

3, after returning to the original factory, the original engineer to determine the cause of the failure, and confirm whether it is within the warranty period, the non-warranty period is required to charge the corresponding cost;

4, waiting for the factory maintenance return, the time cycle is generally about two weeks to four weeks;

5, if the original factory lacks parts, the corresponding maintenance time will increase. We will inform the customer of the estimated repair time;

6, the original factory repaired and returned to our company, our company received, the engineer to confirm whether it has been completely repaired;

7. Return to the customer.


2, maintenance product series

1, SONY 4K ultra HD movement module FCB-ES series, FCB-ER series;

2, SONY HD movement module FCB-EV series, FCB-EW series, FCB-EH series, FCB-SE series;

3, SONY Standard definition movement module FCB-EX series;

4, our independent research and development camera interface board series;

5, camera supporting product series;

Xuan Zhan Technology after-sales service process and camera maintenance FAQ highlights - Company News - 1

Xuan exhibition after-sales maintenance product series


3, maintenance fault content

Maintenance fault contents include: camera no image, abnormal color, 485 uncontrollable, no self-test, camera water, lens damage, motherboard bad, lightning damage, broken and other problems. Complete maintenance equipment, can provide customers with free testing.


4. Common problems

> No image problems:

Cause 1: The mainboard is damaged by strong current and voltage (the required voltage and current of the power supply are 9-12V and full 1A, respectively).

Solution: Replace the camera movement motherboard.

Cause 2: The LVDS cable is in poor contact or damaged

Solution: Replace the LVDS cable.

Cause 3: The output video format of the movement is inconsistent with the display device

Solution: Select a display device that conforms to the movement output video format (SDI, HDMI).

Cause 4: The movement or control board is damaged

Solution: Replace the movement or control board.

> Abnormal color (image flower) :

Cause: LVDS line contact is poor or damaged

Solution: Replace the LVDS cable.

> SONY Camera 485 Uncontrollable:

Cause 1: The protocol, address code and baud rate of the camera movement are inconsistent with the decoding control board

Solution: Please check the protocol, address code and baud rate of the model movement used, and then adjust the decoding control board to be consistent with it.

Cause 2: The camera movement, control board or 485 keyboard (or video recorder) device is damaged

Solution: Replace the damaged equipment.


Xuan Zhan Technology after-sales service process and camera maintenance FAQ highlights - Company News - 2

SONY fcb camera connection 485


> Other questions:

Problem 1: FCB-CH series movement, movement self-test has no image

Solution: Internal and external synchronization faults.

Q.2: There are flicker stripes on the FCB series HD camera image, how to deal with it?

Solution: The standard is not correct, adjust the image format to 25p or 50p.

Question 3: FCB series HD integrated camera color restoration distortion how to do?

The main reason is caused by changes in the color temperature of the environment. You can select the fourth item after entering the menu setting (different models are slightly different) to adjust the automatic white balance into the automatic tracking white balance mode, which can be changed.





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