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What are the components of aerial photography drones? Camera is essential

Aerial photography UAV is an unmanned aircraft as an air platform, using the airborne remote sensing equipment to obtain information, using the computer to process the image information, and according to certain accuracy requirements to produce images. Small and light, low noise and energy saving, high efficiency and mobility, clear image, light weight, miniaturization and intelligence are the outstanding characteristics of aerial photography UAV.


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1. Uav aerial photography aircraft rack

The size of the aerial drone frame depends on the size of the paddle and the volume of the motor: the longer the paddle, the size of the frame will increase. The frame is generally made of light materials to reduce the load of the drone.


2. Uav aerial photography flight control system

The flight control system of aerial photography drones generally has built-in sensors such as controllers, gyroscopes, accelerometers and barometers. Drones rely on these sensors to stabilize the body, and then combined with GPS and barometer data, the drone can be locked in the specified position and height.


3. Uav aerial photography propulsion system

The Propulsion System of aerial photography drones is mainly composed of paddle wings and motors. When the blades rotate, they create a reaction force that drives the body into flight. The system is equipped with an electric controller, which is used to adjust the speed of the motor.


4. drone aerial photography remote control and receiver

The remote control of the aerial drone allows the aerial player to control the flight action of the aerial drone through remote control technology. The main function of the remote control receiver is to allow the aircraft to receive the remote control command signal issued by the remote control. It is used to adjust the speed of the motor and the flight direction of the UAV.


5. UAV aerial camera head

Aerial UAV head can be said to be one of the most important parts of the entire aerial camera system, the stability of the picture of the aerial film depends on the performance of the head. The head is generally built with two sets of motors, which are responsible for the up and down swing of the head and the left and right swing, so that the camera mounted on the head can maintain the rotation axis unchanged, which can reduce the shaking of the aircraft and increase the clarity of the picture quality.


6. Drone aerial camera

The UAV camera is installed in the appropriate position of the PGND, the video signal collected by the camera is transmitted to the image transmission signal transmitter installed on the UAV, and then the image transmission signal is transmitted to the ground receiving system, and then the receiving system is transmitted to the display device through SDI/HDMI, and the operator can monitor the aerial images of the UAV camera in real time.


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