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Why is SONY FCB-EV9520L known as Low-light camera

FCB-EV9520L is SONY’s new HD camera module, which is expected to be fully available in August 2023. It features a new STARVIS2 CMOS sensor that captures light invisible to the human eye, providing clear, detail-rich images even in extremely low light conditions, and is known as “Low-light camera.”


Why is SONY FCB-EV9520L known as Low-light camera - Sony Camera Information - 1


The first part: characteristic introduction

The advanced STARVIS2 COMS: FCB-EV9520L Low-light camera uses the latest STARVIS2 COMS sensor to image clearly even in NIR (Near-Infrared) lighting conditions that are invisible to the human eye. Achieve high quality image capture in low illumination conditions.

High dynamic range: can provide higher sensitivity and lower noise levels, effectively reducing image blur and noise problems.

High resolution images: FCB-EV9520L Low-light camera has a high resolution and is able to capture detailed images in night-time environments, thus providing more accurate image details.

Powerful zoom function: FCB-EV9520L Low-light camera is equipped with powerful optical zoom function, which can achieve the capture of the target object from a long distance and provide clear image details.


Why is SONY FCB-EV9520L known as Low-light camera - Sony Camera Information - 2


In addition, the FCB-EV9520L also uses SONY’s special image processing algorithms, such as backlight compensation, automatic gain control, noise reduction, etc., to further enhance the clarity and quality of the image. This allows it to provide excellent image effects in low or no light conditions, so it is called a “Low-light camera”.


Part two: Application scenarios

Security monitoring: The FCB-EV9520L Low-light camera has a unique advantage in night security monitoring, being able to capture activities in the dark in real time and provide clear image details to help monitors better analyze and identify potential security threats.

Building monitoring: In building monitoring at night, the camera can capture subtle changes in the surface of the building, such as cracks, water seepage and other problems, to provide timely data support for building maintenance and maintenance.

Marine operations: FCB-EV9520L Low-light camera can capture detailed images in the Marine environment, helping scientists study Marine ecosystems, seabed topography, Marine life and more.

Drone aerial photography: FCB-EV9520L Low-light camera offers excellent aerial images and videos with high resolution, high definition and super image stabilization, providing stunning visual effects even in low light nights.

Conclusion: FCB-EV9520L Low-light camera as a high-performance camera equipment with excellent infrared night vision function, as far as possible to restore the true color image and output, can meet the different applications in different bright environment, widely used in security monitoring, Marine operations, UAV equipment and video conferencing and other fields.




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