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What problems should we pay attention to when choosing road surveillance cameras?

With the popularity of security monitoring applications, road surveillance cameras are widely used in public transportation monitoring, cameras to capture people, license plates, traffic control management, cars, trains and other traffic monitoring, highway automatic toll system, parking lot management system, goods management, vehicle anti-theft and other aspects. What problems should you pay attention to when choosing to buy a road surveillance camera?


First of all, we must understand the performance of the road surveillance camera, the performance of the camera is directly related to whether it can shoot a clear picture under various conditions, whether it can see the license plate at night, and whether the color of the image taken is real; For the performance of high-definition video surveillance should also have the function of real-time monitoring, for the road special camera, through some low light performance function effect, you can achieve low light performance image characteristics at dusk or at night.


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Reliability of road surveillance cameras:

The camera should be able to work stably in a variety of harsh environments for a long time to ensure that the image quality does not deteriorate and the failure rate is low. In the case of good light, the signal-to-noise ratio of the camera is very good, and no noise points can be seen on the image, but in the dark light, the camera image with a good signal-to-noise ratio indicator is still clear and less noise points. For a camera with a poor signal-to-noise ratio, noise points will overwhelm the entire image.


Road surveillance camera strong light suppression function:

Road surveillance cameras require clear shooting of vehicle license plates at night, which requires strong light suppression indicators. The camera using this technology can effectively suppress the strong light of the oncoming vehicle (vehicle light), so that the license plate is more clearly captured, and the picture is true and complete.


Road surveillance camera backlight compensation function:

The camera shoots the license plate at night, and the quality of the backlight compensation technology is directly related to whether the license plate can be clearly seen and whether the back-end video detection and analysis system can give the correct judgment results. A good camera can be flexibly set and selected for the backlight compensation area.


Road surveillance camera color reproduction performance:

The camera has no specific color indicators, and can only use chroma adjustment and white balance adjustment to make the color true. The color reproduction performance of different kinds of cameras is different, and this indicator can only be compared with the real color of the scene through debugging. You can choose a camera with more white balance adjustment modes, such as: white balance manual adjustment mode, white balance automatic tracking adjustment mode, indoor mode, outdoor mode, and so on.


FCB-EW9500H is a new generation of SONY 400W HD integrated camera module, using 1/1.8″ STARVIS cmos sensor,30 times enhanced optical multiplier, with high definition, high sensitivity, high dynamic wide dynamic, super image stabilization function. Super starlight night vision, backlight compensation and high highlight suppression function perfectly solve the problem of insufficient light and too bright, and can cope with the external environment of road monitoring replication.


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