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What are the components of the pipeline robot besides the camera?

A pipe robot consists of crawlers, high-definition cameras, controllers, and cable trays. The pipeline robot can take a snapshot of the defects of the pipeline, quickly locate and detect the internal problems of the pipeline, and conduct investigation, maintenance and repair of the pipeline. And can fully understand the internal structure of the pipeline, can timely and accurately provide decision-making basis for urban planning, design, construction, rescue and construction and management, ensure the quality of its results, in order to meet the needs of modern urban construction and development.


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The general installation accessories on the crawler of the pipeline robot include anti-collision probe, front camera, auxiliary light source, bent hanger, lifting bracket, rubber tire, and rear camera. The size of the crawler can be selected according to different diameters of the pipeline, and there are a variety of walking modes of crawlers, such as peristaltic, crawler mobile, leg mobile, roller mobile, leg mobile, flexible and convenient, can cope with more complex pipeline pavement, but the operation is more troublesome, there are certain difficulty limits.

The camera installed on the crawler can rotate and shoot in multiple directions, and the pictures captured by the camera mounted on it can record the condition and defect of the pipeline, which can be simultaneously presented on the computer screen. The pipeline robot usually adopts a high-definition zoom camera, the camera movement should be small in size, light in weight, easy to design and install, and there are generally obstacles in the pipeline. When the pipeline robot is unable to bypass obstacles, the optical zoom of the camera is used to zoom in on distant objects, and the picture quality of the camera should be real, the picture effect is clear, and the condition of the tested object can be truly reflected. At the same time, the camera has a certain infrared night vision effect, which can adapt to some low-light environments.

The controller of pipeline robot can be summarized as display screen, keyboard and mouse, motherboard, control board, video capture card, hard disk. Some can be equipped with wireless operating keyboard, easy to operate flexibly, control pipeline robot advance and retreat, camera rotation adjustment, auxiliary light source opening, support lifting, crawling speed, etc.

Pipeline robot cable reel take-up car is an auxiliary tool, the car in the pipeline, the need to use the line car to transport electricity for detection and camera, its classification: emergency stop switch, controller connection line, hand frame, car body connection line, power socket (lithium battery optional), meter meter and so on. The transmission cable can be equipped according to the user’s needs, and currently supports up to 500 meters (optical fiber communication cable), which can send the device to the required working position.


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