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Sony 4K camera FCB-ER8530 be used in What industries can?

What industries can SONY 4k Ultra HD camera FCB-ER8530 be applied to? FCB-ER8530 can be applied to many fields. The following is the application scheme provided by Shenzhen Xuanzhan Technology to explain the application scenarios from five fields.

Sony 4K camera FCB-ER8530 be used in What industries can? - Company News - 1

SONY FCB-ER8530 with 4K HDMI coding control board

First, SONY FCB-ER8530 in the field of road monitoring

sony 4k ultra HD camera CFB-ER8530 uses a 20x optical zoom lens, coupled with SONY’s latest super resolution zoom function, can see license plates about 300 meters away, is the ideal product for road monitoring.

There are many kinds of road monitoring, so what are the road monitoring cameras?

1. Electronic police

This kind of camera is most common at intersections, and its main purpose is to detect red light running, line cutting, retrograde, illegal lane change, occupying non-motor lane, driving without guidance and other violations, and you don’t feel it working.

2. High speed bayonet

The camera of high-speed snap is mainly a kind of road traffic scene monitoring which takes pictures, processes and records the motor vehicles and the people inside the vehicle passing through the high-speed snap point.

3. Illegal stop shooting

This kind of illegal parking capture is generally a spherical camera, mainly to capture illegal parking in the urban prohibited parking section.

4. Skynet monitoring


Second, SONY FCB-ER8530 in the field of video conferencing

The sony 4K HD camera FCB-ER8530 can transmit sounds, images, and documents to each other through video conferencing.

Video conference camera is a security system, image generation is mainly from the CCD camera, CCD is Charge Coupled Device (Charge Coupled Device) abbreviation, it can change the light into charge and charge storage and transfer, can also take out the stored charge to change the voltage.

Therefore, it is an ideal camera element, and the CCD camera composed of it has the characteristics of small size, light weight, not affected by magnetic field, and anti-vibration and impact, which is widely used.

Sony 4K camera FCB-ER8530 be used in What industries can? - Company News - 2


Third, SONY FCB-ER8530 is in the field of UAV aerial photography

Work in highly or dangerous areas; Places where people cannot carry out construction operations and areas such as long-term monitoring. Aerial photo of SONY camera products by drone

For power inspection shooting: equipped with high-definition digital cameras and cameras and GPS positioning system real-time shooting transmission of pictures and data.

Used for agricultural monitoring: UAV camera uses integrated high-definition digital camera, spectrum analyzer, infrared sensor and other devices to inspect crops in farmland and assess disasters.

Environmental monitoring: UAV cameras can be used to quickly monitor environmental pollution, observe air quality, soil, vegetation and water quality. In film and television shooting, aerial photography, street shooting and other fields have applications.

Fourth, SONY FCB-ER8530 in the field of pipeline robots

Turn pipeline tilt pipeline, deep water pipeline, corrosive water quality inspection, etc. It is often used in pipeline quality inspection, flaw detection, fault diagnosis, cleaning, spraying, welding, pipeline maintenance and many other aspects of petroleum, chemical, nuclear industry, urban construction and many other engineering pipelines.

Fifth. SONY FCB-ER8530 in the field of medical equipment

FCB-ER8530 is a hospital camera system and high-definition surgical field camera, unique software control, telemedicine, surgical teaching special camera.





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